The Project/Collaboration

Identity, the human condition and the home are themes that regularly rise to the surface in my artistic practice. Some years ago I was invited to work with a small group of people in rehabilitation at a local residential charity supporting the homeless and those struggling with addiction. As the years have gone by and I have come to appreciate the immense value and complexity of each life I am privileged enough to be a small part of, a desire to somehow address this in my work and therefore communicate that experience to others has grown. But rather than confine this work to the pristine walls of the gallery space, it needs to be presented back to the city streets from where it has come, accessible to all walks of life. As such this resulting film based project will develop over the coming year and culminate in a series of projections in 2017.


Howard Moody

I’m also very pleased to have Howard Moody’s input, who will be working with me on the sound for the project. An accomplished musician and composer, Howard’s work includes composing for the London Symphony Orchestra, The Cultural Olympiad and Brussels Opera amongst many other accolades. Together, we will be working directly with people on the streets and in rehabilitation, the results of which will feed into the moving image work. The work has been kindly supported by Arts Council England, Salisbury Cathedral, the Gant trust and Morning Star charity for the homeless. We will also be working in collaboration with Alabare shelter, both in the Drop In and among residents in their supportive accommodation programme.